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The Springfield Connection: How ‘The Simpsons’ Made It Into Fangoria

by Jacob Davison

The Simpsons is perhaps one of the most landmark animated series to ever hit primetime, becoming a lynchpin of popular culture with references practically becoming a part of everyday conversation. The series also having a considerable draw in the world of horror, their halloween ‘Treehouse Of Horror’ episodes being a mainstay every year. But funnily enough, a one-off gag got the cartoon printed in Fangoria magazine of all places!

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Taking things a step back, yesterday was the 23rd anniversary of ’22 Short Films About Springfield’ arguably one of the most popular episodes of The Simpsons, in large part thanks to the memetic and hilarious “Steamed Hams” segment of the anthology styled story between Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers. However, lets focus is on the storyline surrounding Lisa Simpson. Lisa gets gum in her hair and Marge attempts a number of ill advised home remedies to get it out, including soaking it in peanut butter, mayo, among other things around the house. Friendly neighbor Ned Flanders attempts to help with a method involving ice cubes and a hammer to no avail. When Lisa sarcastically ponders that the whole town is getting involved upon getting unwanted advice from Groundskeeper Willie that “Chewing gum needs to be chewed out” metal head bus driver Otto Mann steps in with a camera, taking a picture of Lisa’s disgusting scalp. Declaring “Fangoria will give me 25 bucks for this shot!” followed by a mob of characters intruding on the Simpsons family home offering their own takes on the situation.

Apparently, Otto got his money’s worth because the picture was in fact published in Fangoria! Issue 156 to be exact, with The Island Of Dr. Moreau on the cover. I was flipping through some back-issues when I happened upon the picture of Lisa Simpson’s condiment covered scalp, which certainly looks like a well applied work of practical fx. The fine folks at Fangoria in on The Simpsons gag, having some fun, and making it a reality. Captioning the picture as something they wouldn’t normally publish, but worth paying Otto his desired 25 dollars for and featuring. It’s The Simpsons world, we’re just living in it, and you just never know where they’ll pop up!

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