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The fun thing about watching your favorites movies over and over is that you oftentimes spot things you had never noticed, in previous viewings. Around this time of the year, there’s perhaps no movie that is watched more often than A Christmas Story, and in the classic holiday film there’s a cameo from a horror icon that you might’ve missed…

Though Ralphie’s Red Ryder BB Gun is of course the most iconic gift in the film, there is another one under the Parker family’s Christmas tree that has largely gone unnoticed by horror fans, over the years. After the gifts have been opened, Randy is seen laying amongst the holiday wreckage, and if you pay close attention you’ll spot Frankenstein’s monster laying next to him!

What you’re seeing in that shot (above) is actually an overhead Frankenstein Halloween mask, and what’s particularly interesting about the mask’s appearance in the film is that it wasn’t actually released until many years after the time period A Christmas Story is set in.


It was mask-maker Charles Curtis who made this Frankenstein mask, releasing it through his company Savage Eye. While the film takes place in 1940, the mask didn’t come out until the 1970s, thereby making the monster somewhat of a time traveler.

The very first Frankenstein mask was put out by Don Post Studios in 1948, so there weren’t any Halloween masks of the character in existence until nearly a decade after the events of A Christmas Story. Consider yourself a lucky little monster-lover, Randy!