Spooky Kid’s Shows on Netflix to Help You Keep Your Sanity


As horror fans get older, the inevitable happens to most of us. No, not old age, hair loss or weight gain. I mean children. Yes, those adorable little miniature versions of ourselves that watch the shows that slowly drive us crazy. That’s why I did this for you, my friends, and found some of the most tolerable and spooky kid’s shows out there.

Do you have the theme song to the Bubble Guppies stuck in your head when your eyes open in the morning? Do you see Caillou’s big, bald head everywhere you go? Do talking rescue dogs haunt your dreams? Trust me, I understand and I’m here to help.

I figure, if it’s kid friendly and spooky or Halloween themed, it has to be better than the alternative. Let’s chug forward my little Thomas Trains.

Little Witch Academia

Spooky Kid's Shows
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Technically considered a Japanese anime, this short is about Akko, a little witch with unconventional ideas going to school at the Magical Academy. When a dragon attacks, her unconventionality may be their only savior. I recommend this for kids who are old enough to read as it is only subtitled and spoken in Japanese. It does have a sequel and both are available on Netflix.

Casper’s Scare School

Spooky kid's shows
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This one is a favorite in my house. Both a full length movie and a series, this follows Casper and his friends Ra and Mantha as they try to pass Scare School. The themes aren’t too scary, unless they are already afraid of ghosts, mummies, zombies…etc. Netflix has since removed the series (unfortunately) but the movie remains available.


Spooky kid's shows
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This one isn’t a cartoon but is spooky and entertaining nonetheless. Remember when we were kids and we would scare ourselves with R.L. Stein and Christopher Pike books? Well, now our kids can get in on the action. Created by Christopher Pike, this series follows three teens who investigate a young boy’s disappearance and discover the strange creatures and secrets their town has to offer.


Spooky kid's shows
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This is the king of spooky kid’s shows. You’ll find now that you’re older, the acting is cheesy and the stories aren’t really scary, but they are scary enough to keep developing minds entertained and you get nostalgic all the while. Sidenote: “The Haunted Mask” still scares the shit out of me.

R.L. Stein’s The Haunting Hour

Spooky kid's shows
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If Goosebumps is a kid, then The Haunting Hour is the tween. Better acting, better stories, better effects and still kid safe. This show is a hit in my house from ages 3 to, let’s be honest here, 30. It’s a safe bet across the ages.

Spooky Swamp Stories 1&2

Spooky kid's shows
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Swamp Stories are little collections of Halloween themed cartoon shorts from Shrek, Monsters Vs Aliens, and more. These are very kid friendly and very entertaining. And, as an adult who has had to watch each story collection what feels like a hundred times, it’s still pretty funny and doesn’t make me want to claw my own eyes out when it’s on, so I’ll consider that a win.


Spooky kid's shows
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Not fully in the realm of spooky kid’s shows but I wanted to include it because of how entertaining it was. This is an older kid friendly zombie horror comedy about two brothers posing as camp counselors at a summer camp they sneak into to avoid their parents’ punishment. One thing leads to another and zombies start running amok. The movie is very funny and makes PG zombie movies feel fresh.

Dear Dracula

Spooky kid's shows
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At a fairy short 43 minutes, this story is about a little horror fan that, instead of writing to Santa, writes to his favorite person…Dracula and Dracula answers back. In fact, Dracula shows up to help him build his confidence.

The Real Ghostbusters

Spooky kid's shows
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When I saw that Netflix had started streaming The Real Ghostbusters, I lost my shit a little. I LOVED this show when I was a kid. It was silly, sarcastic and was a great extension to the movies. And it’s aged beautifully. I am still happy to sit down with my own kid and watch this show over again.

Legend Quest

Spooky kid's shows
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This is a Netflix original and original is the operative term. I was REALLY surprised when this popped up one day in my suggestion feed. It follows Leo, a boy who can see ghosts. Sometimes it works for him but sometime it’s quite the hassle. When his family and friends start becoming zombies, Leo and his ghost friends must work together to save them. It includes many Spanish words, so this is good for families who are trying to including Spanish into their child’s programs. It was very enjoyable and refreshingly different.

There you have it my weary parents. If only for an episode, may this list bring you rest and a quiet child. Plus, you’ll want to sit and watch these spooky kid’s shows with them which means family time and maybe you’ll build yourself your own little future horror fan.

If you’re little one is more of a reader, check out whats landing from outer space for kids from The X-Files.

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