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It’s that time again, October’s Spooky Empire has rolled around for all to attend to all of your horror needs!  Expect kick ass vendors, celebrity guest panels, and of course killer cosplay.  This year the convention will be opening earlier than ever before on Friday October 27 at 1 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Orlando.

On the list of celebrities this year you will find; Richard Dreyfus from Jaws, John Cusack from 1408 and The Raven (amongst many, many other films,) the lovely Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter fame and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and a rare appearance from Fairuza Balk best known for her role in The Craft.  “We are the weirdos mister.”  My inner 1990’s teenager is so happy!

Other guests include special effects artist and Face Off judge Glen Hetrick, Susan Backlinie who is best known as the first victim from Jaws, and the infamous P.J. Soles from the original Halloween!  What do you think?  See anything you like?

Spooky Empire is more than just vendors and celebrities though.  There is also a horror film festival, tattoo festival, classes and demos, and live performances including The Vaudevillians who combine freak show acts, fetish elements, and classic burlesque.  It goes without saying their event is for mature audiences only on Friday night.

There will also be an array of class demos, ranging from learning how to airbrush, make teeth, working with worbla (an important tool of the trade for the cosplay world,) building foam props, and much, much more.  If listening to celebrities is what draws you to Spooky Empire every year then you surely don’t want to miss Jennifer Carpenter’s panel on Saturday and the man, the legend, Richard Dreyfus speak on Sunday.

Remember this is also a family fun event, at least during the day.  At night the crazies tend to come out, but that’s at any convention when the lights go down and the bars open up.  However, during the days there are events for the children that include; a kid’s costume parade, trick or treating, and a coloring with 13X Studios where the winner will get their custom colored Jason hockey mask turned into a real mask!  There is also a Kid’s Zone each day of the convention.

Whether this is your first Spooky Empire or your tenth there is something for everyone.  Creator Petey Mongelli makes sure of that.  He always keeps his events fresh, new, and full of surprises!  Check out more information about this year’s Spooky Empire here!