Spoil Yourself With These Lush Halloween Bath Bombs!

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Written by Patti Pauley

Anyone who obsesses over luxury bath products knows that the Lush Co. is QUEEN when it comes to pampering yourself in the tub after let’s say, a shit day at the office. Lush is well-known for their premier soaps, body scrubs, and of course the trendy bath bomb. With October right around the corner, the company’s team created something sinfully delightful to celebrate the 2016 Fall holiday season- Halloween bath bombs. And holy hell, they are beautiful.



The Bath-O-Lantern fizzer releases an aromatic blend of  pimento, sweet vanilla and warming cinnamon.



The multi-colored mutant fills your tub with layers of purple, blue, and pink with letting off a scent of fruity lime and neroli perfume.



The adorable Boo Bomb moisturizes your skin with cocoa butter with a scent of warming ginger and a bouquet of floral and citrus oils.



If bath bombs aren’t your thing, Lush has a few new Halloween soaps available and this Goth Fairy shimmer bar is perfection. The soap is made up of  bergamot and grapefruit oils.



Any Halloween-loving ghoul can surely appreciate these spooky bath products that begin at an extremely affordable price of $5.95. You can check out the rest of Lush’s 2016 Halloween collection by heading over to their website. 

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