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New Spirit Halloween Animatronics Released

by Piper St. James

At the sight of Spirit Halloween stores in early September, die hard Halloween fans feel their dark little hearts pitter patter.  Spirit Halloween stores appear to be going up sooner and sooner each year.  This year the first Spirit Halloween stores have been found getting their spooky stores together as early as August!

While known for their wide array of costumes, props, and accessories Spirit is the one stop shop for your Halloween needs.  However, they have stepped up their game by selling for the big time holiday collectors by selling animatronics!

Their animatronics began with creepy clowns, demonic dolls, and evil babies.  While they’re still filling the floor with these iconic characters, they have also acquired the rights to sell animatronics featured in some of Hollywood’s biggest horror movies!

Facebook has blown up over the reveal of the Sam animatronic from the 2009 movie Trick ‘R Treat by Michael Dougherty.  Standing at 4.3 feet and accompanied by his lollipop in one hand and mystery bag of treats in his other.  It’s just like Sam came off of the screen and into your home!

This animatronic also comes with a second head.  In addition to his burlap mask that makes him appear so innocent and even adorable, you also get his scary pumpkin head.

Sam moves back and forth, menacingly stabbing his jagged lollipop and laughing.  In the background you can hear music from the movie’s soundtrack.

From the 2017’s anticipated movie IT, Spirit Halloween has brought a 6.5ft Pennywise the Dancing Clown to life!  Everything about this animatronic is eerily spot on.  From his wardrobe, make up, hair, and accessories.  The words from his mouth convey this animatronic to truly convey Pennywise in the flesh!

Lastly, with a major revival of Ghostbusters on the horizon, Spirit Halloween brings to you a life size replica of the terror dog from the first Ghostbuster’s movie which debuted in 1984.  From the glowing red eyes to the snarl exposing gruesome teeth, it looks like this demon dog has just walked off of the set of the movie.

While Spirit Halloween still offers hundreds of costumes and accessories, they have really stepped up their game in bringing big time Hollywood horror into your home this holiday season!

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