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It’s coming…can you feel it; the faint smell of pumpkin spice in the air, the air feels a little more crisp, back to school supplies are in stores and if you’re quiet, you just might hear Tim Burton music floating in the breeze. Halloween is coming, my friends and Spirit Halloween stores open as early as August 12th and they just revealed a something magical in their new 2017 lineup….the Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus line of costumes and décor.

Go ahead and take a second to collect yourself because this is big. Spirit surprised us with a new Jack Skellington animatronic for this season but this is tops. Hocus Pocus (1993) is a classic Halloween film and I wanted to be Winifred when I was a little girl. I wanted Winnie’s sass and power and Sarah’s outfit. Now I can have both. You were right, Mom and Dad, I CAN be whatever I want when I grow up!

Check out the new stuff you’re about to spend all of your money on. You can see the entire collection here, but since there are so many things just in this collection, I’m picking my favorites.

Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus
Mary Costume 49.99

The Mary costume is the coolest out of the bunch. While it’s a little disappointing that the Winifred costume isn’t as sassy or the Sarah costume not as sexy as it should be, this costume in itself is just really cool!

Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus
Binx Candle 9.99

This is fantastic and I’ve always wondered the magic words they said in between….now I know.

Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus
Binx Pillow 16.99

Thackery….Thackery Biiiiiiiinx!

Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus
Winifred Sanderson Bow 8.99

There’s one for each sister and I must have them all!!!

Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus
Winifred Sanderson Choker 12.99

Again, there’s one for each sister but Winifred’s is the winner with Mary a close second. The Sarah products are a little disappointing to be honest.

Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus
Stemless Wine Glass 6.99

Get classy hammered on Halloween with this stemless wine glass.

Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus
Spell Socks 6.99

I’m a little bit of a crazy sock whore so these WILL be mine.

I HIGHLY recommend going a checking out the entire Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus collection. It’s cute, girly and takes you back to a movie most of us grew up with. There’s everything from pillows to coffee cups to decor and accessories. What’s your must have item from this collection? Let us know in the comments!

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