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Spike Lee Producing ‘Gordon Hemingway & the Realm of Cthulhu’ at Netflix

by Waylon Jordan
Gordon Hemingway & the Realm of Cthulhu

Spike Lee has signed on to produce Gordon Hemingway & the Realm of Cthulhu at Netflix. Stefon Bristol, who previously directed See You Yesterday, for the streaming platform will direct.

Set in 1920s East Africa, the film focuses on a Black American gunslinger named Gordon Hemingway who teams up with the elite warrior, Princess Zenebé of Ethiopia, to rescue their kidnapped regent from an ancient evil.

Lee and Bristol previously collaborated on See You Yesterday. Lee’s co-producers on the film include Lloyd Levin (Watchmen) and Beatriz Levin (The Mauritanian).

Gordon Hemingway & the Realm of Cthulhu is written by Hank Woon with revisions by Woon and Frederica Bailey (See You Yesterday).

The Cthulhu mythos has proven notoriously difficult to adapt. Lovecraft’s monsters who often “defy description” or who “drive men to madness” upon sight are difficult to translate to the screen.

Still, some of the finest genre filmmakers of the last century have given it their all including Stuart Gordon with his Re-Animator films as well as adaptations of Dreams in the Witch House and Dagon and more recently Richard Stanley’s Color Out of Space starring Nic Cage and Joely Richardson.

The creatures and themes showed up once again in the HBO series Lovecraft Country.

It will be interesting to see what this creative team can do with the material, crafting a new tale from the established mythos.

SOURCE: Deadline

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