Spend Halloween With Haddonfield On Facebook

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Written by Patti Pauley

Facebook is riddled with so many community fan pages dedicated to cater to our guilty pleasures that we could virtually choke on them. The immortal horror classic Halloween (1978) is sure as shit no exception to the endless community pages that feature Haddonfield’s original bad boy. However, there is a batch of these said fan pages that connect together so brilliantly that it will bring any fan of John Carpenter’s classic hours of entertainment. That my friends, is the connected pages of the residents of Haddonfield.


Yep. Each and every resident of Haddonfield, Illinois has their very own Facebook page and they interact with each other more often than not, quite humorously by tagging each other in ridiculous statuses that throw back to scenes in the films and just posting about their daily lives leading up to their favorite holiday- Halloween.




And in case you were wondering, we even got one for good ol’ Ben Tramer.



A couple of Halloween enthusiasts have been posing as the locals of Haddonfield for a few years now, and while they remain active throughout the year, as each October approaches the pages flourish with updates about the characters leading to complete chaos on the 31st. The night boils over into events that occur into Halloween II , so just like the rest of us, Laurie Strode sends us updates from her stay at Haddonfield Memorial.

Even the most minor characters have Facebook pages, which makes it that just more enjoyable to avid fans to the franchise. We even got Mr. and Mrs. Elrod in on the shenanigans. That’s dedication people. And it’s beautiful. So damn beautiful.

Of course, we always need to stay up to date with the good doctor of the franchise Sam Loomis and his daily updates on his most interesting patient.


Stay in the damn car this time! Ugh. He never listens to me..

I myself have been following this debacle for about three years and every year it seems to be better than the last. This dedicated group of Halloween aficionados go above and beyond into keeping this alive and entertaining without it falling into a boring pattern of events leading into the inevitable. Why I’ve waited this long to tell the rest of you readers about it, is nothing short of a complete fail on my part. However, i beg for you to forgive me on this most glorious holiday of the year. Perhaps a little life advise from Budd Scarlotti will appease the lot of you.

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