Spawn Reboot Starts Filming Early Next Year!

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Todd McFarlane’s highly anticipated Spawn reboot promises to be darker this time around and far truer to the comic book source material. If you were a comic book fan in the 90’s you already know Spawn was a very big deal.


Todd McFarlane’s little independent comic venture ended up outselling such heavy weights like Spider-Man, the X-Men and the mighty Avengers. For a time, it would seem that nothing could stop the comic-book demon! It also seemed as though everyone had to get in on the hellish action!


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Todd McFarlane joined forces with another legendary artist/writer in the comic book field – Frank Miller. Miller’s impressive resume includes titles like 300, Sin City and The Dark Knight Returns. The two dark maestros united to tell a story involving The Batman and Spawn! Our little hearts could hardly contain the awesomeness!


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Things were great back then and it seemed as though Spawn was undefeatable. Comic sales were through the roof! McFarlane’s Toys provided us with the chance to bring home action figures of our favorite demons, but when news of an upcoming Spawn movie was announced our minds exploded! Spawn was meant to be on the big-screen and we all knew it!


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So ok, maybe Spawn wasn’t the movie we all expected it to be. The technology for high budget movies was not quite ready to take on such a massive story line that was heavily reliant on big-time special effects. The movie also suffered from being rushed in order to meet the high demand of the character’s massive popularity.


Since then we’ve had not only a breakthrough in special effects (The Lord of the Rings, 300, Avatar all come to mind), but we’ve also seen a huge explosion in comic-book based movies. Both Marvel and DC are proving there is an enormous market out there among fans.


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Now with IT being the highest grossing horror movie of all time, the hour of Spawn couldn’t be more perfect! Spawn blends comic book action and horror seamlessly and still deserves a proper big-screen adaptation.


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According to, the Spawn Reboot is shaping up well:


“It looks like things are moving right along with the R-rated Spawn reboot. Todd McFarlane closed a deal over the summer with Blumhouse Productions to direct the movie, making it his directorial debut. Now, thanks to a panel at New York Comic Con, McFarlane reveals that pre-production is slated to start just after Christmas, with cameras set to roll on the low-budget Spawn in February of 2018. That means, if all goes well, we could see the movie arrive in theaters in early 2019.”


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To read the full story please be sure to visit MovieWeb here.


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