Spawn Mortal Kombat Action Figure

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Spawn is entering the world of Mortal Kombat.  Celebrating the collision of worlds is a new action figure by McFarlane Toys.  Todd McFarlane took to Twitter on February 21st to show the new design reveal.


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I fell in love with McFarlane Toys when they introduced their Movie Maniacs collection over 20 years ago.

These were a horror collector’s dream!

Not only did they have greatly detailed depictions of our favorite horror characters and weapons, but they also came with a mini-sized movie poster and stand.


McFarlane is bringing back the excitement yet again for those who love Mortal Kombat. His newer line of the popular video game figures is topping the Amazon charts in the “Toys & Games” category.  Take a look below at the collection and click on any of the photos for more information and pricing.

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