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‘Spare Parts’ Places Punk Rockers in Gladiator Arena With Chainsaws and Swords for Arms

by Trey Hilburn III

Spare Parts is looking very badass. It takes a group of girls, aptly band named Ms.45 and places them against their will in a Gladiator’s arena to do battle with a bunch of jerks. The same jerks who put them there.

The girls from Ms. 45 are doing their damnedest to make a name for themselves in the world of music. They are a nonstop row of playing seedy night clubs and anything else possible to gain some notoriety.  One night they meet a douche at the club who drugs them, knocks them out and has them medically altered to become unwitting Gladiators.

The synopsis goes like this:

Spare Parts is set in a godforsaken bar in the middle of nowhere where an all-girl band – Ms. 45 – rips the stage apart with their punk spirit. But their performance impresses an enthusiastic fan who lures the girls into a trap, sedates them, and starts…customizing them. Slowly they begin to gain consciousness and, in total shock, realize their arms have all been replaced with axes and chainsaws to fight gladiator-style in a junkyard arena owned by a sadistic “emperor,” forcing them into the battle of their lives with one prize in mind – their freedom.

I was able to check out Spare Parts at a Telluride Film Festival last year and it is definitely a balls to the walls entertaining ride. I mean, its very attractive ladies with chainsaws, swords and axes for arms taking the heads off of dumb assholes. What’s not to like?

Spare Parts drops onto Dvd, Blu-Ray and VOD on June 1.



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