‘South Park’ Goes ‘Creepshow’ In Their Halloween Special

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The Halloween special is a classic staple of American television, especially for shows that tend to skew more toward comedy than horror. It gives an excuse for sries to have some fun, get weird and get frightening. For many long runners, this is traditional, especially animated series as South Park which has done numerous Halloween themed episodes with plots ranging from zombified trick or treaters to sentient rentable scooters. Last night, South Park decided to bring in the Halloween spirit, Creepshow style! Some spoilers below, so read and beware!

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To give some context, this season is billed as ‘Tegridy Farms’ revolving around breakout character Randy Marsh’s sitcom styled weed farm, which is why last night’s episode was called ‘The Tegridy Farms Halloween Special’. Randy tries to bond with his daughter Shelly, who he says has a “weed problem” as in, she hates weed and his business. At the same time, perpetual chew toy Butters decides to get the last stamp in his museum stamp book’s Egyptian Wing exhibit. Despite a warning from the recurring parody of Stephen King’s Pet Semetary’s Jed to not get the stamp which would invoke the dreadful Egyptian curse of Took Tan-Ra, Butters proceeds. That night, Butters hears something outside his bedroom… the mummy bursting into his room!

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I couldn’t help but laugh, because the scene does a distinctly Creepshow styled shift. Complete with the signature scare chord, and red/blue lighting from segments like ‘Father’s Day’ and ‘The Crate.’ I also thought it was funny that Butters had to deal with a mummy in his plotline, considering there was a killer mummy in the segment ‘Lot 249’ of Tales From The Darkside: The Movie which is considered a spiritual sequel of sorts to Creepshow, complete with a story from King as well. But it doesn’t stop there. In the other plotline between Randy and Shelly, his ‘Halloween Special’ strain of weed is doused with a witches brew paraquat by an angry Shelly, it seemingly dies off. Only for Randy and his stoner partner Towleie to discover to their joy that the strain has regrown to monstrous proportions! A distinct nod to Creepshows‘ own tale of an overgrowing alien weed in ‘The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill’ starring Stephen King himself.

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On top of that, Randy and Towelie find themselves literally huanted by the ghosts from their past (Winnie The Pooh, Cows, etc.) that captures that EC Comics style revenge from beyond the grave. Perhaps funniest of all, the episode aired on October 30th, aka DEvil’s Night/Mischief Night. A time for pranks and all sorts of deviltry. Or in last night’s case, a surprise dropping of Shudder’s Creepshow TV series (Which just got renewed for a second season) season finale! Airing around the same time, it was a hilarious twist of fate and salute to the classic horror anthology. So, if you’re looking for some laughs to go with your Halloween celebration, South Park‘s ‘Tegridy Farm Halloween Special’ will be the most fun you’ll have being scared, smoking weed, and laughing!

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