Unless you still own a Sega CD or were crazy enough to buy a 3DO (like I was) and then dish out some ridiculous amount of cash for the 1992 cult class game Night Trap, odds are that you aren’t able to play it. A little information for you, Night Trap is one of the reasons behind the ESRB rating system being created. Banned from stores for its (at the time) explicit sexual and violent content… even though it contained neither of those. Yeah, getting your hands on a playable copy has not been easy.

That’s all about to change thanks to a software engineer named Dave Voyles, who is currently working on porting the game from Sega CD to HTML 5, which one can assume is extremely difficult. The website Gamasutra has all of the painstaking details that Dave is going through to bringing this project to be playable to everyone.

[youtube id=”KA0MgAdX_k4″]

In the meantime, check out this video on controversy in video games and see how ridiculous it now seems and just how far we have come.