Sony is going to try their hand at making The Crow: Reborn. Deadline just announced that the studio is giving James O’Barr’s beloved comic another chance. But this time, they’re going to stay more loyal to the source material.

The unlucky productions of the films are plagued with setbacks, sometimes tragically so. The first being the accidental death of Brandon Lee in the 1994 original, and then the bankruptcy of Relativity, where this project went through many changes. Including at one point with Jack Huston playing the dark hero who gets vengeance on people who caused his and his fiancée’s death.

A sequel directed by Tim Pope was released in 1996 called The Crow: City of Angels, but didn’t see quite the success of the original. 


 At one point, Corin Hardy of The Hallow was set to claim the director’s spot, and Jason Momoa was on to take the lead. But now Momoa is immersed in Aquaman, and there are no details at this time if Momoa will continue with this project.

Edward R. Pressman, Samuel Hadida and Kevin Misher will produce.

There are no other details at this time.