Son of Monsterpalooza Closes Out The Summer Season.

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Son of Monsterpalooza closed out the summer season with one hell of a show! Established back in 2008 on the east coast as a mask collecting event, Monsterpalooza has created a space for personal growth where professionals, guests, and vendors come together to celebrate Monsters and film. The show kicked off its 5th Annual Costume Contest with Premiere Products returning as the official costume contest. Dead Elvis took the stage to announce the contest along with celebrity guests in attendance. Also returning once again, the Son of Conjoined Exhibit. Consisting of sculptures and paintings, a true treat for horror and monster enthusiasts.

Between Monsterpalooza and Son of Monsterpalooza, this past weekend’s event marked lucky number 13 for the show! Son of Monsterpalooza is more than just a convention; it is a place where monster and horror fans can rejoice and be themselves.

Disco Bloodbath: Fan-Made Art Made Fabulous

One of my all-time favorite vendors is Mark Chavez of Disco Bloodbath. Creating unique art with action figures, Mark had an idea of creating a series of shadow boxes that capture the heart of horror films. For myself, I was transported back in time, these uniquely crafted boxes replicated VHS artwork that I grew up with, and it allowed me to relive the perfect moments of my childhood. I was brought to a familiar place of trips to the video store with my grandparents, and the excitement was quite overwhelming. However, I was digging every minute of it. Recently Mark has morphed his beautiful artwork and has taken this art to the next level, adding various lighting schemes and placing these magical pieces in glass casing.

These treasures are a must for horror fans, and you will surely not be disappointed.

To read about Mark’s story click here.

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Death House Panel

Earlier this month the Death House trailer premiered at the Days Of The Dead Louisville convention, during the Death House panel. Needless to say, I was jealous! I soon found out that Son Of Monsterpalooza was going to have their very own Death House panel, I was ecstatic!

Director Harrison Smith took to the stage with producers Rick Finkelstein and Steven Chase and cast members, Barbara Crampton, Dell Wallace, Vernon Wells, Lindsay Hartley and Yan Birch from what has been dubbed by fans the upcoming “Expendables of Horror” film, Death House. Death House is one of the most talked about movies in the horror community this year, and judging by the looks of the trailer; it will present a fresh, new story with practical effects releasing in 2017. The trailer left the audience cheering and left all of us wanting more!

“What I like about the film is that we also examine the true issues of what is good and what is evil and can you eradicate evil?”, says Harrison. “As you heard Dee say about the film, our goal is to eradicate evil, and even evil is threatened by this. That is what is really cool in the ending of this film when the five evils are revealed.”

The heart of the panel, Dee Wallace had much to say and offered reasoning as to why she signed on with the project.

“I have to say that is why I took the film originally. The script was so different it was its really one, probably the only unique horror films that I’ve read or been offered in a long time”, says Wallace. “There is a lot of statements about so many things in it that are important to me, and a whole new take on evil that I do not think has never been done on film.”

Dee explains why this role was very different from any other.

“This was for me was one of the hardest roles that I have ever had to play. Now I know anybody here knows the body of my work and my work is always very heart centered, and it was a real challenge to me to close down my heart to play this part, I had to close everything off.”

All-in-all this was a fantastic panel, and it was wonderful hearing about the passion and personal experiences that transpired during filming. Horror fans are surely in for a treat with this one, 2017 cannot come fast enough.




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See You Next Year Monsterpalooza!


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