Negan’s Torture Iron Spotted In The Walking Dead Opening Credits

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The Walking Dead” fans got a good taste of what Negan and Lucille are capable of during the season premiere. Lucille is used to keep order and to help move (and smash) chess pieces around Negan’s game. He even managed to get Rick to roll over like a puppy.

Ever wonder how Negan manages to keep his own people in line?

Well, made a keen observation of the opening credits to the latest episode. If you hadn’t noticed Jeffery Dean Morgan got his own title credit added to the regular list of suspects. In the accompanying image, you get a glimpse of Lucille’s handle in the foreground. In the back ground you can see a pit of fire burning, if you look closely in that fire, you will notice a iron to the right. For those familiar with the comics, this is Negan’s iron and he doesn’t use it to pleat khakis.

In the comics Negan uses his iron to make sure his gang of Saviors stays loyal by melting peoples faces off.


If you remember in an earlier episode, Dwight was on the run from the Saviors. That big burn scar on this side of his face was no doubt caused by him being a disruption to the Saviors and a pain in the boss’s ass.

The sight of the iron is a precursor to an extreme bit of scalding nastiness to come. However, now that we know Dwight is a trouble maker and that he will now be in close quarters with Daryl, it makes you think that maybe Dwight doesn’t fully have Negan’s back. Maybe Dwight is Daryl’s way out of captivity. Or, maybe the iron taught Dwight to be a good dog and his loyalty will remain unwavered.

Either way, the sight of Negan’s iron is giving us a bit of anxiety.