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Someone Created a Hilarious Twitter Account for Carrie White

by Waylon Jordan

Some days, okay most days, social media can be a real downer. With nasty comments, mean-spirited memes, and a general lack of empathy for one’s fellow man, sometimes I question whether the whole exercise is actually worth it.

Then, just when I think it’s time to give it up, become a recluse, and avoid all human contact, a hero rises like a bright, sarcastic ray of sunshine. This week, that hero is Carrie White.

Well, sort of…

Someone in the Twitterverse decided to create an account and assume the persona of Stephen King’s telekinetic, introverted teenager made famous in his novel Carrie, most famously played by Sissy Spacek in Brian De Palma’s 1976 film adaptation.

The account has only been up a short time, there are currently on eight Tweets and eight followers, but it seems that the goal of the account might be to give a voice to some of Carrie’s inner musings in her day to day life.

It is sarcastic. It is funny. It’s a nice little break from day to day social media chaos for fans of the film and book, and while, thus far, Carrie’s Tweets have mostly been focused on moments from her own “life”, she’s not above wading into the fray of social topics.

But one of my favorite moments on the account was when someone (possibly the same someone) created an account for another character from the book and they have a little interaction which you’ll just have to check out for yourselves!

Check out Carrie White @CreepyCarrieWyt on Twitter. Something tells me if she gets more followers, she just might become a little more talkative!

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