SNL Parodies ‘Scream’ But With an Inconsequential Twist

Timothy RawlesRandom Fun, Television NewsLeave a Comment

Pretty much every horror gag used to terrify Drew Barrymore at the beginning of Scream is stared down and obliterated in this Saturday Night Live spoof starring “Chad.”

The masked caller tries to terrify Chad by plying him with threats, but doesn’t get very far as Chad is very nonchalant about complying with the killer’s requests.

“Ok,” Chad shrugs as the threatening phone stalker asks him to turn the patio lights of which Chad can’t find.

The killer is finally unmasked, but Chad still can’t be bothered with him or his motives, “My bad,” he says while eating pizza.

It’s a hilarious bit, and pays homage to the Wes Craven’s classic, reminding us that the horror master’s legacy still lives on even if Chad can’t be bothered to remember it.

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