Sneak Peek for “The Truth” episode on the Bates Motel

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By: Don Cob – Bates Motel Blogger

I just saw the thirty second sneak peek of the upcoming episode “The Truth”. (posted above)

From the looks of the clip we can see that Norma is coming to a boiling point. Emma explains to Norman how she can’t believe that Deputy Zack Shelby is a monster. First of all, this girl needs a bitch slap. She has lived in this town her whole life(I’m assuming), and she is only now learning about the town’s dark secrets. This is proof that everybody does have secrets. However the ones in the quiet little town of White Pine Bay are much more profound.

In the clip after Emma talks to Norman, the scene cuts to his mom who says “He won’t get away with it!”. Why should you get away with murder Norma but your crush Deputy Shelby can’t? This is the Norma that you just love to hate. I don’t expect anything less from her, Norma will hopefully use this information against her boy toy. The clip goes on with Norma saying “There’s no way in hell we’re going to the police”, well you didn’t go to the cops about Keith Summers and that worked out pretty well. They are already in the thick of it, so just keep going, maybe there will be a clearing.

At the end of the clip we all get to see that Norman is beginning to now fight more with his mother. Obviously his older brother Dylan Massett(he is Norman’s half brother) is helping Norman see that being under your mother’s command is not such a good thing. Norma is arguing with Norman who is trying to control the wheel of the car, and we’re all left to wonder what happens next. I don’t think Norma crashes the car, instead, she could accidentally run somebody over. We’ll see come Monday!

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