Bray Road Beast Small Town Monsters
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Everyone loves tales of true horror. We seek a little taste of the strange and unusual in our everyday life. Seth Breedlove and his production company, Small Town Monsters, are committed to exploring the cryptozoological folklore that haunts every rural campfire.

Their newest documentary (the seventh in their series, and third feature-length) focuses on the Bray Road Beast, a werewolf-like creature that has stalked the town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin since its first alleged sighting in 1989. The reports spawned a media frenzy, turning the elusive beast into a local legend.

The Small Town Monsters series uses wonderfully creative visuals to uncover the story. A combination of dramatic animation, live-action recreations (with complete creature designs), and serene aerial shots paint a stunning picture.

Interviews with eye witnesses are presented impartially and fairly. Breedlove isn’t trying to convince you, he’s just presenting the collected facts and encouraging you to draw your own informed conclusion.

Bray Road Beast Small Town Monsters
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The Bray Road Beast will explore not only the infamous Elkhorn creature sightings, but also centuries of Werewolf legends and myths from across the globe.

“From the predominant theory that witnesses merely saw an undiscovered species of large wolves to more bizarre aspects of the phenomena, no stone is left unturned in this 66 minute film, shot on location in and around Wisconsin”.

The Bray Road Beast comes home to DVD and streaming platforms on October 5, 2018. You can check out the trailer and poster below.

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