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“Slender Man” Releases New Trailer

by Waylon Jordan

It all began with a Creepypasta; then it became a legend which somehow inspired crimes in its name. Perhaps it was only natural that Slender Man with his tall, thin body, featureless face, and enigmatic motives would find his way onto the big screen.

It’s no surprise then, that 2018 will see famed monster actor Javier Botet donning the black suit to terrorize teenagers under the direction of Sylvain White (Stomp the Yard).

Botet is joined by Joey King (The Conjuring) Julie Goldani Telles (“Bunheads”), Jaz Sinclair (When the Bough Breaks), and a host of other young actors as the legendary figure’s victims, and now we finally have a trailer.

Filled with disturbing images and at least one instance of serious eye trauma, the trailer sets the tone for one hell of a movie. It’s certainly enough to make us sit on the edge of our seats and pay attention.

Slender Man sill make his way into theaters May 18, 2018 with distribution by Sony Pictures.  Check out that trailer below and prepare yourself for the rise of Slender Man!

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