Exactly one week ago, we reported on a horrifying story out of Wisconsin wherein two pre-teen girls brutally assaulted one of their classmates with a kitchen knife, in an apparent attempt to appease the fictional, internet-created character known as Slender Man. It was a story that chilled us to our very core, and a reminder that the imagination of a child isn’t always a beautiful and magical thing.

Now, over in Ohio, yet another knife attack is being blamed on Slender Man, with a 13-year-old wielding the blade that sent her own mother to the hospital.

As reported by WLWT News 5, a mother in Cincinnati’s Hamilton County has come forward to tell the media that her daughter’s obsession with Slender Man is potentially to blame for a strange attack that recently took place in her home, wherein her teenage spawn apparently dressed up like the character, complete with white mask, and cut up her face, neck and back.

“She had her hood up and had her hands covered with her sleeves and the mask,” the mother told the news outlet, going on to say that her daughter appeared to be ‘someone else,’ during the attack. It was only after the news story broke about the attempted murder in Wisconsin that the woman drew parallels to the incident with her daughter, noting that she had in recent months been showing signs of obsession with the Slender Man character.

“We found things that she had written and she made reference to Slender Man. She also made references to killing,” the unidentified woman revealed. “She even created a world for Slender Man in the game mine craft.”

The young girl is facing charges as a juvenile and her mother thankfully suffered only minor injures in the attack, including small cuts and a puncture wound on her back.

I don’t know about you, but I’m incredibly creeped out by all of these stories, and I’m sincerely hoping that this is the last time I have to write up anything of this sort. The world is a truly scary place, much scarier than the world of fiction could ever hope to be.

Put down the knives, kids. Slender Man isn’t real.