Written by John Squires

It was back in 1983 that we first met Angela Baker, a young camper hiding a moderately-sized secret that shocked the world. I’m of course referring to the slasher flick Sleepaway Camp, which (technically) went on to spawn four sequels; the most recent installment, Return to Sleepaway Camp, was released in 2008. What’s next for the franchise? A remake?

Well, not exactly.

On the latest episode of Joe Lynch and Adam Green’s always informative podcast The Movie Crypt, former New Line executive Jeff Katz revealed his plan for bringing the Sleepaway Camp franchise back, which has already been set in motion. Katz acquired the rights back in 2013, and he’ll be producing the brand new installment with series creator Robert Hiltzik.

So what’s the plan? He wants to reboot the series with a direct sequel.

As Katz explained on the podcast, the new film will reveal that Angela Baker has been in a sanitarium all these years, and upon her escape, she returns to the iconic Camp Arawak. If all goes according to plan, actress Felissa Rose will reprise the role she made famous, and her character will be used to pave the way for a brand new summer camp slasher.

You resolve her character while setting up the events of the new movie, which are tied directly to her and in a way which allows you to honor the original but spin off in an entirely new direction,” Katz explained.

At the time of writing this, production has not yet begun on the new Sleepaway Camp.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more!

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