Slasher series Breathes Life into Old Genre

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Slasher is a Canadian horror series co-produced and aired by Super Channel in Canada and Chiller in the US, both networks aired the series in early 2016.  Katie McGrath’s character, Sarah Bennett, returns to the sleepy little town of Waterbury, Canada where she was born twenty eight years earlier.  As word spreads of her arrival the whispers begin.  Why would she return to the house her parents were brutally murdered in while she was still in the womb by the serial killer deemed the Executioner?  Furthermore, why now?

Regardless of the narrow minded townsfolk and their judgmental glares, Sarah and her husband Dylan, the new editor in chief of the Waterbury newspaper, attempt to settle in.  Little do they know their new house is filled with old secrets, and these secrets just might tear them apart… literally.

Quickly following Sarah’s homecoming copycat murders begin to rock the foundation of this town, killings that seem all too familiar to those that occurred twenty eight years earlier by the now convicted and imprisoned serial killer known as the Executioner, Tom Winston.

However, since Winston now resides in prison who is responsible for these new murders?  Furthermore, why have these murders started now that Sarah has returned back home?  Are they because of her?  Lastly, the biggest question of all; who is behind the Executioner’s mask?  So many questions, and for every question answered two more pop up, usually with a fresh body in tow.

Show creator Aaron Martin conceived a winner with Slasher; all of its elements work and come together in a perfect symphony of televised horror!  The little town of Waterbury, while fictional, does have the little quirks and nuances of towns we have all known, either by prior residence or rumors.

On multiple levels the Canadian series is a clever cat and mouse game, and is filled with an ensemble of colorful adult characters you are bound not to forget.  Everyone appears to have a murky past, and every past has its secrets.  Some of the residents of Waterbury you pray to live while others you cheer to their death when they meet the Executioner’s blade.  Regardless of who you side with, you quickly learn not to trust anyone as everyone is a suspect.

Slasher has all of the twists and turns you would expect from a good mystery novel combined with creative and gory kills that even the biggest horror aficionado can appreciate.  The blood and gore showcased in Slasher successfully and satisfyingly pushes the “acceptable for television” envelope to new boundaries.  Last, but not least, actress Katie McGrath’s performance has all of the traits and tell-tale signs to become one of our finest Scream Queens!

As for the future of this clever and highly entertaining show, despite its high praise by fans it been temporarily put on hold.  Rumor claims the original networks will not be putting out a season two, but alternative outlets are being looked into for Slasher’s new home.

If you missed Slasher you can find season one streaming on Netflix!  Click here for a more detailed trailer!


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