Catching Up with ’80s Slasher Icons (NSFW)

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Horror conventions are a staple for millions of fans every year. Between booking hotels, planning flights, ordering VIP passes, and fighting ATM overdraft fees for drawing out too much cash, film nerds relish in every moment of frightful bliss. It’s their chance to finally meet the silver screen icons floating across their television sets since childhood.

iHorror writer Tyler Keeton was lucky enough to conduct several brief Snapchat interviews (in a Snapchat-exclusive series for his own site, Dripping Red Cinephile) at The Scarefest National Convention in Lexington, KY in September 2016.

First up, we get an excited bit from summer-camp slasher fan-fave Amy Steel (Friday the 13th Part 2).

Tyler: “If you could a Valentine’s Day card from any famous movie killer, who would it be?”
Ms. Steel: “Norman Bates. Norman Bates, send me a card.”

Second, we stop in for a modern-day take on some messed up kiddo slashers. Actors Courtney Gains and John Franklin (Children of the Corn) were in great spirits when discussing their classic Stephen King characters.

Tyler: “What do you think the worst thing that Malachai did in his spare time…was, that we didn’t see?”
Mr. Gains: “Torture animals!”
Tyler: “So how would Malachai be different, in 2016?”
Mr. Gains: “Well, here’s my question. So, if killing parents was cool? Then, he’d be fine.”

Tyler: “If Isaac was brought back, in 2016, how would he be different?”
Mr. Franklin: “Actually, I think he’d be very similar. I don’t think he’d be as different…as much…I think he’d really be the same. The evil piece of sh*t that he is.”

Lastly, we spice things up with scream queen Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp). The hilarious vixen, adorned in a perfect little red dress, far from held her tongue.
Sleepaway Camp

Tyler: “If Felissa Rose was a cocktail, what would be in her?”
Ms. Rose: “Um…vodka…crimson…love.”
Tyler: “So three to four words on being a woman in the horror industry.”
Ms. Rose: “Ooh…it’s…F***IN’…BAD-ASS.”

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