Slasher App turn a year old

‘Slasher’ App Celebrates a Year of Horror Socializing

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On May 31, Slasher is going to celebrate its one-year anniversary. Slasher is a free horror-based community app that covers everything from scary movies and convention dates to personal anecdotes and upcoming horror films.

From the press release announcing the anniversary:

“The first version of Slasher was released to the public, on iOS and Android in the U.S. and Canada, to little fanfare. Originally designed as an experiment, it began to catch on. It wasn’t until the subsequent release of 2.0 that it found an extremely passionate and loyal base of horror fans and professionals, many of whom often share stories of how Slasher made a difference in their lives.

Users have pointed out the horror convention-like vibe of the app, where it’s enjoyable being around a like-minded crowd. With a very lofty goal of giving everyone in the horror community a chance to connect with one another, from fans to professionals, creator Damon Della Greca has been working tirelessly to deliver.

Slasher App turn a year old

Slasher App turns a year old.

The fact that the app is R-rated (17+) and accepting of horror themes has helped the horror community, where mainstream social networks have acted to marginalize the community. Now, celebrities, producers, directors, and major media outlets in the horror genre can be found mingling and enjoying themselves on Slasher.

Not only has Damon added some fun features, such as a useful events calendar, and a database of over 10,000 of the more popular horror movies out there (no streaming, more like a Letterboxd for horror), but he has a very substantial list of new features that are in development or going into development soon. His passion is certainly no secret, as he makes himself available to anyone on the app who has a question, an issue, suggestions for features, or even just to have a chat.

Slasher’s care for and interest in the independent horror creators is also very clear. When the world began to shut down, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the “50+ Things for Horror Fans to Do During a Pandemic” list was created. This list includes links to things like podcasts, books, free streaming movies, YouTube channels, and more.

The primary goal was to help provide entertainment and a much needed distraction from the stress and anxiety of the global situation. The list has grown to nearly 100 things since.

A playlist on Spotify was created to help promote the many talented musicians who are on Slasher. A couple of film festivals & competitions were sponsored by Slasher, including the Quarantine Short Film Competition, which showcased short films made under quarantine with basically no budgets. Ads have also started to appear, in order to support the free app, which will ultimately be offered to anyone looking to promote their horror-related goods and services.”