SLASHED! Is The Summer Camp Slasher Musical We Never Knew We Needed

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The horror genre and the stage go hand-in-hand. From FAUST to THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA to LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS to RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL and beyond, the theater is the perfect place to experience terrors in both dialogue and song. But who could ever expect a musical version of a summer camp slasher movie? That’s exactly what SLASHED! THE MUSICAL delivers with a seriously catchy soundtrack, genre savvy, great cast, and more!

Photo Credit: Ama Lea

SLASHED! is set during the peak golden age of slasher movies, particularly those set at summer camps in particular, 1983. Camp Freedom, or Camp “Doom” as it’s become infamously known, is being re-opened. Again. The camp has had it’s share of troubles and massacres since Lil’ Peetie Jergins (Played by Sean Keller, who also did the show’s music/lyrics/writing) died in a wayward bonfire while his counselors were off having sex and now “the curse of the ghost of the kid who died because everyone was fucking”  haunts the sleepaway camp’s history… and literally! Looney Lucy (Fayna Sanchez), the slasher staple crazy harbinger that nobody listens to, warns the audience and everyone within earshot that you’re all going to die… in a rousing musical number! All before we’re introduced to our cast of victims- I mean,characters. Including Blaine (Curt Bonnem) and Theresa (Clarke Wolfe) the camp administrators that want to revitalize the campsite and their failing marriage.

And what would an 80’s summer camp be without a bunch of rowdy, horny, beer swilling, pot smoking counselors? There’s the TV sitcom obsessed Shelly,  (Mary O’Neil) complete with DALLAS t-shirt/MORK AND MINDY suspenders. The aerobics and boy crazy Joyce (Elissa Wagner). The fit and usually shirtless Andy (Acquah Dansoh). And the timid and virginal Todd (Timothy Nathan Kopacz). Once the danger is revealed, the group comes upon the all-around badass, Paige (Kristyn Chalker) who has her own secret agenda for being at Camp Doom.


The show works on all levels. For genre fans, it’s everything we could love about a musical version of a slasher movie. With many jokes and easter eggs to 80’s horror and pop culture in general dropped in the dialogue. Such as Blaine reflecting on his child-hood ‘Sleepaway Camp’ where a camper went nuts and killed people. But he can’t remember if it was a boy or a girl… The character archetypes are on point, from “Looney Lucy” acting as stupendous stand-in for FRIDAY THE 13th’s “Crazy Ralph” to our prominent killer, Lil’ Peetie Jergins having elements of Jason, Cropsy, Madman Marz, and more camper boogeymen. And unlike usually mute masked murderers, Peetie has got some seriously good pipes! Singing about his tragic death and the plight of being unable to stop people from indulging in their sinful vices- no matter how many he kills. And without spoiling too much, the story manages to find all sorts of ways to reflect on the genre and turn it upside down. The most upfront prominent of which being Todd being the male virgin of the tale rather than a girl.

The soundtrack being a major highlight of the show and with awesome performances all around. Capturing the aesthetic of 80’s pop and the haunting scores of slasher films along with peppy and incredibly catchy lyrics. In particular, the main theme of Camp Doom will leave you singing “You’re all gonna die” to yourself over and over! The run-time is only at 45 minutes, but they still manage to cram as much horror humor, song sequences, and dismemberments as possible.

The musical is ending its sold out run with Hollywood Fringe by June 23rd, BUT you’ll still have the chance to see this cross-genre trip to the 80’s as SLASHED! will have a special performance on Sunday, July 30th at the Midsummer Scream convention in Los Angeles with time and details TBD. So keep your eyes out and head on!

So, if you have the chance to spend the night at Camp Doom, I would highly recommend watching this throwback of fun!

SLASHED! THE MUSICAL’s soundtrack is available to listen right now for free here on Band Camp!

(Feature Image Photo Credit: Ama Lea)


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