Slashback Video Returns With A Vengeance

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Midsummer Scream returned to Long Beach over the weekend, and with it, numerous displays of haunted houses, special effects, and more. One particular highlight being the bloody return of one of my favorite horror events from last year; Slashback Video!


As we’ve covered previously, Slashback Video is an art installation and gallery in the style of mom and pop video stores of old, but with a completely horror bent. Displaying vintage and rare VHS tapes along with all manner of memorabilia, posters, and old school promotional items, Slashback is an incredible way to travel back to the home video days of old when renting a movie was a social event. The display at Midsummer Scream featuring rows of tapes, posters, a Splatterhouse Arcade, a bar with a Slashback themed cocktail, custom VHS art, exclusive brand new themed shirts from the fine folks at Fright-Rags, and a banner with the gallery’s own slasher themed mascot, Tapeface!

Slashback Video co-producer Ryan Turek and mascot, Tapeface

With this preview display, it was announced that Slashback Video will return in full in September with an appropriate sequel and title: Revenge Of Slashback Video! Brought to us by Ryan Turek, Ciara, and the original location/host, Mystic Museum in Burbank! While the initial store was more akin to video stores of the 80’s, this sequel promises to go a step further… into the 90’s! The era many millenials may look back upon fondly as the time of Blockbuster Video and more streamlined chains. Perhaps we can expect a shout-out to the video store Jamie Kennedy’s character of Randy worked at in the perennial 90’s horror movie, Scream?

Either way, mark your calendars for Saturday, September 8th at The Mystic Museum and expect it to be busier and crazier than any video store you ever went to on a Saturday night!

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