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There are a handful of things I look forward to every Halloween season, which include the return of pumpkin beer and the start of TV countdowns. Right at the tippy top of that list is Hatchet director Adam Green’s Halloween short film, an annual tradition that has been carried out for the past 16 years.

Basically how it works is that Green and his friends get together every Halloween to bang out a quick short, which always has a Halloween theme to it. No matter how busy Green gets – and he’s pretty damn busy right now, working on the film Exorcism on Crooked Lake – he always makes time to continue the tradition, and this year is no exception.

Though Green is mostly known for his comedic stylings, he’s also proven himself more than capable of handling true horror, with Frozen being one hell of a good example of that. Unlike past Halloween shorts, 2014’s has a much more serious tone to it, centering on a husband who Skype calls his wife on Halloween night, and gets a pretty horrifying surprise.

Check out the 2014 Ariescope Halloween short below and see them all over on the Ariescope website. ‘Driving Lessons,’ ‘Jack Chop’ and ‘The Tiffany Problem’ are a few of my personal favorites, so definitely check those out!

[youtube id=”DAQuITn9AF0&list=UUXVe3OynTqsk9X-FRusypiA”]