Six New Short Films in the ALIEN Universe Coming Soon

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The most recent news regarding the Alien universe isn’t a feature-length movie announcement. Instead, it’s an announcement for six new short films!

Via the Alien twitter account:


This is quite interesting indeed, as fresh minds are apt to bring fresh ideas and a longrunning franchise such as Alien could sure use some. This isn’t to knock the franchise at all; if anything, it’s a pat on the back.

Bringing in new filmmakers to create some officially endorsed short films in the universe of the Xenomorph is an interesting idea and one that takes some forward thinking. While many series are fine with repeating the same thing over and over, Alien has tried something different every time – for better or for worse.

Hey, Alien 3 wasn’t so great, but it sure was different.

But what is Tongal, anyway? You can read all about it on their official website, or more specifically, their own Tongal 101.

If you don’t want to go through that effort, here’s the long and short of it:

Tongal is a network of creative professionals that connects them with brands who require their creative talent. The platform enables brands to engage audiences with original and branded content.

Thanks, Finances Online.

We’ll be sure to update you as we find out all the new and exciting details on this revolutionary new step in the Alien universe.


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