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As any horror fans knows, amusement parks aren’t places to have fun or eat terrible, fatty food, but instead are a great setting for some sort of horror scenario. Such is the case with The Park, a new game from Funcom that will be available on PC October 15th. Funcom will reveal more information about the game when it is closer to launch, but for now, they have a little teaser for you.


Amusement parks are happy places, filled with the innocent joys of childhood and the exhilarating rush of hair-raising, but safe adventure. Balloons, cotton candy and fantastic rides to be dared. Perhaps that is how Lorraine pictured it too when she brought her son Callum to one… just before it descended into the most terrifying nightmare of her life.

The Park is a single-player horror experience developed by Funcom, set against the backdrop of an amusement park where a dark and sinister secret is just waiting to be uncovered. It will be released for PC in October 2015.

[youtube id=”U1laEiebQ_E”]