Sinister Creature Con Celebrates The Art Within The Horror Culture!

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Sinister Creature Con 2017 – Stockton Arena – Stockton, California


Sinister Creature Con – The Vendor Floor

Southern California has received its fair share of horror conventions such as Monsterpalooza, Son of Monster Palooza, ScareLA, Days of The Dead, and Mid Summer Scream, all dipping their bloody hands into a cauldron of horror and celebration of Halloween, and now it’s Northern California’s turn! Sinister Creature Con is a premiere horror convention that has set its roots in Northern California and this convention along with the staff was nothing short of AMAZING!

“Located in Northern California, THE SINISTER CREATURE CON’s expansive tentacles ensnare a massive array of horror genre craftsmen and craftswomen that give monsters and the genre its tangible essence, such as painters, filmmakers, sculptors, tattoo artists, comic book artists, graphic designers, practical fx companies, actors, writers, haunted attraction engineers, and much more.”

Sinister Creature Con is a horror convention unlike any other. We celebrate both the past and the present. From the nostalgic to the contemporary we celebrate it all and have something for every horror artist and fan alike. Above all we strive to serve and promote the art and artists.” -SinisterCreatureCon.Com


Sinister Creature Con – The Vendor Floor

Where to start? Well, to say the least, I had a hell of a time. The staff was AMAZING! I was first introduced to Convention Producer, Koda Hightower who took myself along with my photographer on a tour of the venue. The Stockton Arena was stunning, the amount of space offered was so comforting. Every staff member had a smile on his or her face and everyone was eager to help all the patrons that entered the arena. Convention Co-Founder & Director Tim Meunier was also walking the floor readily available to assist, I felt very welcomed.

The Vendors were very personable, eager to speak to everyone that passed by and had a variety of merchandise for show and sale. Pool Party Massacre Director and Writer Drew Marvick was at his booth greeting fans and selling some bad ass Massacre swag. Marvick did mention to me that a Pool Party Massacre sequel is in the works and the original film is for sale over at Amazon and on the official website.

An activity I look forward to at any convention besides meeting the celebrity guests is sitting in on panels. There is something extraordinary and surreal about listening to your favorite horror icons that you have grown up with over the years speak about their personal experiences on set and to see everyone interact with each other was purely delightful. Sinister Creature Con had a high Nightmare On Elm Street presence, which only meant one thing, YUP, an Elm Street panel titled, “Freddy’s Children.” The bulk of the Dream Warriors shared memorable stories of their experiences with the film and each other as the reminiscing took place on  A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. I was fixated on every word that was muttered. Other memorable panels that took place were The Better of Dead Panel with the beautiful Amanda Wyss (ANOES, The I.D.) and Diane Franklin (Amityville II; TerrorVision) and the American Mary reunion featuring the terrifying but yet sexy Soska Sisters along with American Mary stars Katharine Isabelle and Tristan Risk. Check back with us for original photos and video content from the panels.

Sinister Creature Con was a success and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. How do you find out when the next show is you ask? Very easy. Keep up with the con via social media and their website below:

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