Silent Night, Deadly Night is coming home for the holidays. And with a few killer offers from Shout Factory.

If you’re anything at all like me, seeing Christmas (anything) sneaking its way into our lives anytime before Halloween is irksome as Hell. Not saying we’re going to be picking up an axe and go chop up some human kindling for the Yule Tide Pyre, but by golly it is annoying to see Jolly Old Saint Nick crowding his way into Samhain’s time of year. Then again there are obvious exceptions – and those are very far and in between, but let’s be honest. It’s hard not to be excited over Shout Factory’s newly announced Silent Night, Deadly Night exclusive pre-order.

That’s right, boys and girls. Get out the milk and cookies and be damn sure you have those stockings hung with care. This is already promising to be a December to dismember. That’s right! Shout Factory has teamed up with NECA to bring all of our dark little hearts a murderous Christmas.

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Anyone already familiar with the Silent Night, Deadly Night franchise most commonly associate the entire film series with this one scene from Silent Night, Deadly Night 2.

However, as was the case with other horror films that started out somber and then turned campy with each following sequel (Evil Dead, Sleepaway Camp to mention a couple) the original Silent Night, Deadly Night was a gritty slasher film with very few hints of silliness.

The story follows the turmoil of little Billy Chapman (Jonathon Best/Danny Wagner/Robert Brian Wilson) who is traumatized by events on Christmas Eve. To start the film off, Billy’s parents are well meaning, but like many good people, they make a bad decision when they take little Bill to visit his catatonic grandfather. Billy’s parents step away for a moment and Paw-Paw comes to just long enough to scar the mind of his impressionable grandson.

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Grandpa tells Billy that Santa Claus is pretty much a force of vengeance. One that rewards good children, but who also harshly punishes the wicked. On their way back home the old man’s words writhe about the young boy’s mind and a tragic event will happen that unhinges Billy forever. Unbeknownst to any of them, a low-life thug has just robbed a local store and gets the family to pull over. Santa then shoots Billy’s dad then slits his mother’s throat with a switchblade knife.

Three years later, Billy’s life is no better off under the strict regime of the orphanage nuns who inflict severe punishment over children considered to be very naughty. Whatever lingering stability he might have been clinging to is snapped under the siege of such an environment.

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Billy grows up to don a Santa suit and thus begins the holiday massacre.

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Upon the movie’s initial release, parent groups were outraged by the thought of a blood-soaked Christmas feature, so they picketed movie theaters in boisterous protest. And really, they did nothing but spread more awareness of the movie, pretty much assuring its status as a horror legacy.

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Shout Factory plans to release this Blu-ray on December 5, 2017. They’re taking pre-orders now, and if you get your order in you’re promised to also receive a limited edition 8” Billy/Killer Santa figure by NECA. That alone is reason for me to want this!

The Blu-ray pre-order will also come with a limited edition 18” x 24” rolled poster by artist Joel Robinson.

And there are plenty of special features included in here to make the slay bells ring all December long.

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For ordering information and to learn all you can about this exciting release, be sure to click here to visit Shout Factory.