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‘Silent Hills’ P.T. Receives a 1998 Reskin for Your Web Browser

by Sam Angelo
Silent Hill

No one can dispute the impact that the Silent Hills demo P.T. (Playable Teaser) had on both the gaming industry and the horror game genre as a whole.

Slews of indie horror titles, including Layers of Fear and Allison Road draw heavy inspiration from Konami’s cancelled title, and even Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s early demos were heavily compared to P.T.

When Konami cancelled Silent Hills and removed P.T. from the PlayStation store, it marked a sad day for horror games and the industry everywhere. However, there is a question that remains to be asked of you, the reader: would you still be willing to experience P.T. in the style of a PlayStation game circa 1998?

silent hills

All right, while that may not be a question you have asked yourself today (or ever), I am sure it is one you’re proposing to yourself now. Well, there is a answer – or a solution, I would call it – to this conundrum of a question for those who both enjoy the aesthetic of mid to late 90’s video games, and wish to experience P.T. once more.

Finnish animator (and now game developer) Toni Kortelahti, also known from his YouTube channel 98DEMAKE, has released a short, playable homage to both P.T. and video games from ’98. The game can be played right in your web browser – low-poly resolution, compressed sound, and all!

Kortelahti’s demo comes just right after he uploaded the ’98 stylized tribute animation he made for P.T.

Curious readers can head over to Kortelahti’s YouTube page and find a cornucopia of 90’s stylistic crossovers of modern video games he has animated, including: Resident Evil 7: BiohazardOutlast, and The Last of Us.

For those who are interested or wish to subscribe to Kortelahti, the animator is currently trying his hand as a game developer, and has an IndieGoGo page set up for his “experimental psychological horror game,” titled BVOID.

Two gameplay trailers are currently up, and the best way to describe the aesthetic and feeling is if you took a look inside the head of both Stanely Kubrick and David Lynch, and then turned what you saw into a PlayStation 1 game.

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