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Mondo’s Vinyl Release of the “Silent Hill” Soundtrack Conjures Up Melodies of Terror and Horror

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Written by Shannon McGrew

Silent Hill, whether it be the video game or the movie, has always unnerved me. Though I’m more familiar with the movie, having only played the video game a few times, I’m always struck by the sheer horror that emanates from it along with the terrifying imagery. Recently, Mondo released a killer vinyl for the soundtrack to the 1999 original Playstation game, and I have to say, it’s a beautiful work of art and terror.

When I sat down to listen to the soundtrack, I was shocked by how elegant and pleasing the first track was. I found myself enveloped by the mandolin sounds which led me to become relaxed. However, all that changed when the second track began as it immediately snapped me out of my trance and conjured up images of one of the most frightening figures with the Silent Hill world, Pyramid Head. The best way to describe the music would be to think of industrial sounds crashing into once soothing melodies that make your heart pound and your mind race with images of unspeakable horror. It’s exhilarating and I couldn’t help but fall in love with everything I was hearing. It truly is unlike anything else I have listened too.

The soundtrack consists of two vinyl records packaged in some of the best horror artwork illustrated by Sam Wolfe Connelly. When I opened packaging up it revealed a beastly figure with the head of a goat and the body of a naked woman. It took me aback at first, but the longer I stared at it, the more I could see the details crafted within the artwork. For those familiar with the game, the front cover will be recognizable as the car that Harry Mason crashes while searching for his daughter in the ominous Silent Hill.

The vinyl themselves come in two options, both 180 gram pressed: the “Snow Fall” Colored Vinyl, which is clear with heavy white splatter and features original artwork in the center by Sam Wolfe Connelly, and the Black Vinyl. The music showcased on the soundtrack is by Konami Digital Entertainment, the company responsible for developing and publishing of the game.

As someone who has just gotten into collecting vinyl records, with a focus on horror themed soundtracks, this is an addition I couldn’t be more pleased with. Though I was never heavily into the video game, each track brought to mind different scenes from the movie that I could remember with crisp clarity. If anything, this score makes me want to play the video game to fully immerse myself into that world. I can’t recommend this soundtrack enough, so make sure you pick up a copy soon before they all sell out.

For more information, or to purchase your Silent Hill vinyl soundtrack, visit MondoTees.com.

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