Sign This Petition If You Want Robert Englund Cast as ‘Dr. Loomis’ in Next ‘Halloween’ Movie!

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Written by Patti Pauley

Well then, that’s pretty much the greatest idea ever isn’t it? Maybe you’ve seen this fan petition making the rounds on the Interwebs the past 24 hours, urging horror fans to sign a petition to have slasher icon Robert Englund cast in the upcoming Blumhouse Halloween film. Or maybe perhaps this is the first you’re hearing about said casting proposition. Either way, Englund seems like a fantastic choice when it comes to filling those huge shoes Donald Pleasence once wore. Not only does he have the right look, acting chops, and iconic presence to make this role his own, for fans who have ever fantasized about a Myers vs. Krueger film, this is about as close as we’ll ever get.


Robert Englund


However, this isn’t the first time Englund’s name has been brought up to play Haddonfield’s leading psychiatrist. Back in September of 2015 right here on iHorror, our very own Landon Evanson threw out that very suggestion, which you can read more in-depth here. Fans seemed to love the idea then, and it doesn’t look like much has changed in a year and a half.

This new petition started by Wang Chi over on Change.Org, that states the document will be delivered to Blumhouse if enough sign, is starting to gain steam, and I’m personally delighted to see such enthusiasm with fans over the thought of Englund stepping into the Halloween role. Seeing as how this next film is serving as a sequel to 1981’s Halloween II, we’re not entirely sure Loomis will even have a role at all in the upcoming film. However, if he is to make an apperance, this would be one hell of a way to bring him in with a bang. The petition is currently only asking for 500 signatures, and at the time of writing this, we’re at 276; nope, 277. You’re welcome.


Make your voice heard, tweet to Robert and Blum themselves, and sign the petition by clicking here if you’d like to see Englund square off against Myers in the ultimate horror icon showdown!