Written by John Squires

Growing up, the scariest thing in the world to me wasn’t Freddy Krueger and it wasn’t Jason Voorhees. In fact, it wasn’t a horror movie at all. Rather, it was the television series Unsolved Mysteries. From the music to host Robert Stack’s haunting voice, the oftentimes paranormal series used to creep the hell out of me, and just thinking about it today, now 30 years old, I still feel a little bit unsettled.

Unfortunately, though several volumes of Unsolved Mysteries episodes were released many years ago, many of them are out-of-print in the present day, fetching prices quite a bit higher than what they originally retailed for. It sure would be nice to have all the episodes at our disposal to watch at any given time, wouldn’t it? Sure would be nice it Netflix scooped up the series and allowed us to stream it all at our leisure, wouldn’t it?

Well, one fan hopes to make that happen!

Via his petition…

Longtime fans of Unsolved Mysteries have wanted the original series back in circulation for some time now, so if they sign this petition, there is a chance that Netflix and/or Hulu might be able to gain the show as part of their lineup (after agreements between them and Unsolved Mysteries’ producers of course). Not only is Unsolved Mysteries for entertainment purposes, it’s a great crime-solving tool like it was when it first started. Exposing this show to a new generation would open up their eyes and get these cases/stories back in the public eye.

At the time of writing this, the petition has been signed over 2,000 times. Click here to add your Hancock!

Relive the creepy Unsolved Mysteries intro below!