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Say what you want about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, but I personally found it to be one of the best movies released last year, a welcome addition to the Alien universe that I loved every second of.  Scott managed to deliver to us a film that served as a prequel to Alien while at the same time being very much its own movie, introducing us to a new breed of characters called the Engineers.  A superior race of beings that are responsible for the creation of us humans, the Engineers added a whole new element to the universe writer Dan O’Bannon created in the late 70s, becoming iconic figures right alongside those acid-bleeding Xenomorphs we all know and love.

In conjunction with the release of the movie, NECA began churning out action figures based on Prometheus last year, and they have to date released three series’ of toys in the line – giving us action figures of David, the proto-Xenomorph seen at the very end of the film, and a few different incarnations of the Engineers.  Taking over from NECA, Sideshow Collectibles is gearing up to give the Engineers the deluxe treatment, with a collectible that’s both a whole lot larger and a whole lot more expensive than NECA’s offerings.  You get what you pay for, and nobody gives you more bang for your hard-earned buck than Sideshow!


Individually hand painted and finished, their Engineer statue measures a whopping 22″ tall and weighs approximately 15 pounds.  Clad in his pressure suit, the last known Engineer has been faithfully recreated by Sideshow’s artisans, who painstakingly captured every single little detail of the character.  The statue also includes a display base that depicts the ‘Space Jockey’ helmet – as seen in both Alien and Prometheus – and you can own it all for $399.99.  Pre-orders are now open, and the statues are set to begin shipping out in July of next year.

To pre-order yours, and see many more pictures of this bad boy, head over to Sideshow’s website.


Though it’s not available for pre-order until tomorrow (the 24th), Sideshow Collectibles also unveiled an awesome new Aliens collectible this week; a Legendary Scale Bust of the Alien Warrior, as seen in James Cameron’s sequel.  A perfect companion piece to their Prometheus statue, as well as the many Alien inspired collectibles they’ve released over the years, this incredible Aliens bust will sell for $359.99, and their exclusive edition includes an Aliens nameplate display.  You can see detailed pictures of the beast over on Sideshow’s website, where it will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow.

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