Shudder Offers Up ‘The Core’, A Rad New Horror Talk Show

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Think The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon but with a lot more blood and guts and aimed specifically towards us horror fanatics. That is what Shudder has in store later this month when it debuts the very cool looking  ten episode original series The Core. 

Hosted by Mickey Keating, (Director of Darling and Carnage Park) The Core takes all of our favorite and terrifying things about horror, and dissects them in fun ways along side notable filmmakers from the horror community.

The Core is a twisted celebration of the magic of genre filmmaking, and I can honestly say there has never been anything like it,” explains Keating, host of THE CORE. “There’s no outlet that cares as much about the genre fan as Shudder, and I’m thrilled they’ll be bringing The Core to the fan community.”

Keating is joined by Elijah Wood of Spectrevision, Flying Lotus (Kuso), The Soska Sisters (American Mary) and many more in weekly discussions of different techniques that are used to shake audiences to their core.

This series starts Nov. 16 and it sounds fantastic! If you haven’t jumped in a on a Shudder subscription yet and are a horror fan, you are doing yourself a disservice. Shudder has tons of great content curated by horror loving hands with more content being added all the time.

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