A Florida fisherman (who I’m assuming will never go swimming, fishing or sleeping again) pulled a foot and a half long shrimp demon out of the water, dubbed ‘Shrimpzilla.’

The only thing missing from the photo, that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission posted on Facebook is fire! Plenty of fire to destroy it and the nightmares it keeps and probably holds dear.

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Scientists doing as hipsters do when there is a new Belle and Sebastian album came out and commented a loose version of “Oh that yea we were into that before it was cool,” and identified the monster… er I mean shrimp as a “Mantis Shrimp” which I’m assuming in Latin prolly translates into unholy thing.

To add to the visions already swimming around shrimpily  in your minds, the Florida fisherman said, “It was striking its own tail and had to be picked up by its back like a lobster.”

Thank god summer is almost over cause I wouldn’t be sticking any part of me into any ocean for a while anyways.