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Back in 2017, Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook became an unlikely queer icon when the film was supposedly listed under the LGBT films category on Netflix by mistake. Netflix acknowledged their alleged mistake with a wink and a nod and social media did the rest.

Before long the dark-hatted man with the snaggle-toothed grin was showing up at Pride parades and had been fully embraced by the community. His presence was strong in 2017, and surprisingly held on through 2018, as well.

Perhaps to keep that spirit alive, Shout Factory has announced a special limited release of 2500 copies of the film with its own Pride-inspired slipcover featuring the shadowy shape of the Babadook with the rainbow standard behind him.

The special edition is available only on the Shout Factory website for $19.99 and an undisclosed percentage of the proceeds from sales will be contributed to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

While many are heralding the decision, some have asked why, if Shout Factory wanted to support the queer community, they haven’t chosen an actual queer horror film or a film made by a member of the queer community.

It’s easy to see why the question is raised. Many companies become very conveniently queer-friendly during Pride month pasting rainbows on their products in a wafer-thin show of solidarity only to become noticeably absent once again when June ends.

Still, the fact that Shout Factory is donating to a prominent LGBT Center can’t be ignored, and it’s good to see that the support actually going to community needs.

You can order the special edition of The Babadook here, and be sure to check out Shout Factory’s other listings while you’re on their website!