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Whether you like to admit it or not, you’re probably on some level afraid of the dark. It’s just a natural human fear, and though it dwindles a bit as we get older, there’s always going to be something inherently creepy about a pitch black room… after all, you just never know what might be lurking inside, hidden from view.

It’s the fear of the unknown, and filmmaker David F. Sandberg has just brilliantly tapped into that fear with a 3-minute short film titled Lights Out, which reduces its main character to a hidden-under-the-covers child, and will probably do the same to you.

In the short, a young woman comes home one night and sees something very strange whenever she flips the lights off in her house, seeking refuge under the covers in her bedroom. But as anyone who’s ever seen a horror movie knows, you can run from paranormal entities, but you certainly can’t hide.

In less than three minutes, Lights Out manages to effectively convey true terror in a way that few modern day feature films have been able to, and we encourage you to check it out below. But before you do, be sure to turn those lights off and that volume up!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

[youtube id=”6SbURFwDr90″]