“Outrageous & Gruesome, Party Night Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat.”

Written and Directed by Troy Escamilla, Party Night is a throwback to old school slasher films of the 1980s; this is quite evident from just glancing at the poster for the film. Party Night is a straight bloodshed orgy and is an exceptionally fun flick that does not hold back.

Party Night sets itself on the horror movie theme of a high school prom night. The film focuses on six friends skipping out on their high school prom to have their own prom so to speak, at a secluded house that is out in the middle of nowhere. At the home, the teens will partake in adult beverage, watch some slasher films, have sex, and indulge in some laughs. The bloodshed will begin as a murderer in a mask begins to stalk the teens taking them out one by one.

Party Night proved to be everything that I wanted and more! The film was a genuine tribute to our beloved 80s slasher films, and it was not forced, everything flowed. The film gave a few nods to John Carpenter’s Halloween, which made me feel right at home. The fact that Party Night is a small budget production did not prevent an enjoyable experience; this was a movie I would have rented growing up from the Ma & Pa video store around the corner.

Next, let us talk about the characters, shall we? I had an unyielding attachment to all of the characters, and the writing allowed me to care for them without hesitation. Our heroine, Amy (Laurel Toupal) did a stupendous job with her character, and I am looking forward to watching more of this young actress in these types of films. I was very excited to see Destinie Orndoff, who portrayed Olivia in this film. Destinie, a newcomer, has already set the foundation for her career not only with this film but with her new feature Red Eye which she starred in and wrote. Red Eye is currently in post-production.

Party Night obviously was a movie made by fans for fans to honor the slasher subgenre. Despite small quirks here and there, Party Night delivers and will have no problem gaining traction to capture the hearts of extremist who love the genre. My mind cannot help but wonder what type of film we could have had if Escamilla had a larger budget. Who knows maybe it would have been terrible? But this lovely cast, story, and direction blurred the lines between big Hollywood Production and Independent Film, and I was smiling all the way through.

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