‘The Shining’ References From Every Movie and TV Show

Timothy RawlesNews, TV, Videos1 Comment

Love it or hate it, The Shining is one of the most iconic horror movies ever made. Also one of the most influential as witnessed in this video made by a fan.

The 18-minute clip put together by Jarvis Gumbarge is a guestbook of television shows and movies which reference the Kubrick film in some way or another.

Jarvis did his pop culture homework to find homages in everything from the vanilla Full House to the Neapolitan Simpsons.

The compilation is very thorough as far as we can tell.  Following each famous scene from the movie comes a laundry list of TV shows and movies in retrospective.

You may not recognize some of these shows because they are so old, but you will definitely recognize the reference of the Kubrick film, really that’s the whole point.

So what do you think, did he miss any?