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Keiji Ota Confirms No ‘Shin Godzilla 2’, Toho Cinematic Universe Arises

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In an interview between Nikkei Style and Keiji Ota (translated by Gormaru Island)– and it pains me to recognize this as reality–Ota has confirmed there will most likely not be a Shin Godzilla 2.

Introducing a new, menacing, malicious version of the kaiju king, Shin Godzilla was praised by critics as well as fans of the O.G. Toho Godzilla and the western studio, Legendary Godzilla.

Shin Godzilla‘s loss of potential for a sequel is certainly disheartening to hear, but there is some (potentially) good news that comes out of this relatively tragic announcement.

Ojita is looking to begin a consistent release schedule for Godzilla movies with films set to release every two years. This initiative excludes the two planned Godzilla Anime films, both set to be released in 2018. If possible, Ojita would like to aim for yearly releases of films as opposed to bi-annual, but this is preferential.

Shin Godzilla cancelled

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Each film would (ideally) be centered around a particular monster, their specific origin, and would eventually give way to cross-over films (e.g. Godzilla vs King Ghidorah, Godzilla vs Rodan, etc).

While Godzilla movies have done origin stories for monsters that Godzilla later goes on to fight–Rodan being one of the monsters that comes to mind–Ojita alluded to multiple origin films focusing on their specific characters. They would then be featured in a cinematic universe with single world view, much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Shin Godzilla cancelled

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The MCU’s commercial/box office success(es) certainly show to be a valid template for beloved series to take inspiration from (Detective Comics are certainly trying to do this), so it’s understandable as to why Ojita would want to try and apply this method the Godzilla franchise in Japan.

Legendary is already carrying out a similar cinematic universe “schematic”, but on a (much) smaller scale.

Godzilla King of the Monsters

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Legendary’s “monsterverse” is set to have Godzilla fight King Ghidora, Mothra, and Rodan in the newest installment Godzilla: King of the Monsters. After the third film, Legendary will release the final film of series with Godzilla and Kong fighting each other.

Coincidentally, not long after Ojita’s interview, Mike Daughtrey (director) teased the newest Godzilla movie (or the third monsterverse film in this case) with a screenshot from the film: a weather radar following a monstrous storm.

The radar’s image displays a title above the storm, which reads as “MONSTER ZERO”. Monster zero is suspected to be a reference to Invasion of the Astro-Monster, alluding the film’s antagonist, King Ghidorah.

Unfortunately, while we’ve gotten a teaser for the Godzilla vs. Monster Zero, Deadline has confirmed that the film will be delayed from March 22nd to May 31st of 2019.

Before Godzilla: King of the Monsters debuts, Godzilla anime film Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle–a Toho Godzilla film set to be a Netflix original–will be premiering in Japan on May 18th.

You can check out our article covering the film’s new poster and release date here! for City on the Edge of Battle will be the second installment in the Godzilla anime trilogy.

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