Shaun of the Dead Characters Will Return This Halloween

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Several iconic horror movies are celebrating big anniversaries this year and one of those films is the horror-comedy Shaun of the Dead, which is now 10 years old. Yep, it was a full decade ago that we met best friends till the end Shaun and Ed, who are without question two of the most beloved characters in horror history.

Will they ever be back? Though a Shaun of the Dead sequel may forever remain fan fiction, we’re happy to report that they indeed will return to our lives, and we’re not going to have to wait very long!

In a tweet sent out this past Monday, Simon Pegg (Shaun) alerted his followers to the surprising news that Shaun and Ed are reuniting this Halloween season, for a special episode of the cartoon series Phineas and Ferb.

‘Here’s news,’ tweeted Pegg, ‘Nick Frost and myself will be once again stepping into Shaun and Ed’s shoes for the #PhineasAndFerb Halloween special. W00t!!’

The annual Halloween episode of the show is titled ‘Night of the Living Pharmacists,’ which suggests that the characters will once again be battling the undead. The show’s eighth Halloween-themed episode premieres on Disney XD October 12th.

Can’t help but wonder if Ed will be a zombie, as he was in the final moments of Shaun of the Dead, or if he’ll be restored back to his human form. Either way, awesome to have both characters back in our lives, and I can’t wait to see what they’re up to next!