A Sharknado is Sweeping Through Your Toy Collection!

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Whether you like it or not – and I must admit that I really don’t – last year’s Syfy Original Film Sharknado has become a bonafide icon in the world of horror cinema. Taking advantage of the fact that people just can’t get enough of totally stupid things, the folks over at Syfy threw a bunch of sharks into a tornado and turned the whacky concept into such a smash hit on social media that it wasn’t long before a sequel was given the green light – yes, Sharknado 2: The Second One premieres July 30th, on Syfy.

Serving as further proof that the idiotic film has carved out its own little niche in pop culture history, toy company Funko has just provided the first look at the very first Sharknado toy, in the form of a vinyl figure. It’s part of their ever-growing POP! line, and Sharknado joins the likes of previously released icons such as Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers and Leatherface. You’ve made it, Sharknado. You’ve really made it.

As much as I hate the fact that our society has more of an appetite for stupidity than things that are actually good, I can’t deny that this toy is pretty adorable. It’s easy to hate the movie, but hard to look at this with anything but loving eyes!

The Sharknado POP! vinyl figure is set for release in June, just in time for the Syfy premiere of the world’s most unnecessary sequel.

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