Seven Iconic Halloween Freaks, Shrieks, and Creeps to Watch on Halloween

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It’s the season of the witch; a haunted time of ghastly festivities where the dead and the living join hand-to-hand under the glow of a midnight fire deep behind civil society. Beasts shed their human masks and walk freely with the Devil at his infernal gala. It’s Halloween, my Nasties! And that means the haunters of the night get to come out and play.

Tis the season when Night descends upon the world a little earlier and those of us who walk in darkness identify our own. With that dark deliciousness in mind, we take a moment to recognize those most ambitious of haunters who made our Halloweens something to remember!

image courtesy of WB, ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ dir. Michael Dougherty

Here are my manic favorite Halloween icons

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