Series 4 of NECA’s Mogwai Line of Toys is a New Batch of Awesome!

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There’s no greater example of how lucky today’s toy collecting horror fans are than NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association), a company that has for the last several years been producing some of the coolest toys the horror world has ever known.  With licenses ranging from Friday the 13th to Evil Dead 2, Alien to The Devil’s Rejects, NECA has been winning over fans since 1996, and all of us toy collectors have them to thank for quite frankly the majority of the awesome toys that sit on our shelves and hang on our walls.

When NECA gets behind a particular license, and sees success with it, they pull out all the stops to bring us as many different toys based on those licenses as possible, oftentimes going above and beyond the call of duty and producing toys that no other company would even think to make.  This year in particular has seen a handful of mind blowing releases from the company, including Freddy and Jason figures based on their bizarre color schemes in their respective NES games of the ’80s, and Aliens toys inspired by the colorful Xenomorphs in the Dark Horse comic books from the ’90s.

One of those licenses that NECA has been gloriously milking for all its worth is the Gremlins franchise, and they seem to be setting out to release toys based on not just every single Gremlin and Mogwai that was seen in both of the films, but also scene specific versions of each of those characters.  It was at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con that they unveiled the first series of a Mogwai-only line of toys, a line that has already expanded to include three series’, with a fourth on its way later this year.  Thus far loveable characters like Lenny, Daffy, Haskins and of course Gizmo have seen release in the line, and NECA has just unveiled the first look at that upcoming fourth series.  Who will be joining their Mogwai pals this time around?  Let’s take a look!

Remember how I said that NECA has been putting a particular focus on whipping up toys that no other toy company would ever think to whip up?  Well that’s precisely what their doing with Mogwais Series 4.  Not satisfied with merely giving the toy treatment to characters seen in the movies, NECA decided to step up their game with this series, and create three Mogwai figures based on Rick Baker’s unused concept designs for Gremlins 2: The New Batch.  Ya see, in designing the characters for the film, Baker and his team ended up creating a small handful of characters that were never actually used in the movie, and NECA dug deep to find all known references to actually make toys based on those characters that never made it past the pre-production phase.  How cool is that?!

Meet Penny, Brownie and Doodah…the Mogwais you never knew existed!!

unreleased gizmo



Each of the three figures in the series is 7″ tall and includes articulation at the ears, neck, shoulders, forearms, wrists and thighs.  As if that wasn’t enough, they each also come equipped with a rolling eyeball mechanism, allowing you to move their eyes around just like the real puppets that Baker create all those years ago!

The figures are now available for pre-order from select online retailers, with a scheduled ship date of November.

Just to wrap things up here and give you an idea of what one of Baker’s actual unused Mogwai puppets looks like, here’s a picture of a completely white one that didn’t make it into Gremlins 2, which is up for grabs over on!